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ph: (07) 3102 4115

  • Pre-Shot Involvement and behaviours

  • Pre-swing technical preparation

  • In-Swing technical ideals and/or matching process

  • All skill areas - full Swing, chipping etc

  • Library of development of creative shot shaping in all skill areas

  • Library of related drills for development and refinement of swing patterns

  • Post shot involvement and behaviour

  • Mental application and techniques

Triggs Lynch Golf members can begin training with Ian and Sean and further develop and understand their game at any time, by accessing our on-line video coaching lessons. 

Through on-line lessons, our members can immediately access the specialist tuition and guidance that has fostered professional talent, including world number one players.

Online Golf Academy

Coming Soon.

Triggs Lynch Golf members have access to content via our online platform.

Ian and Sean are preparing lessons that provide guidance on the following: