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Peak Performance Coach


As one of the most respected and successful technical golf coaches in the world, Ian Triggs continues to guide and develop golfing talent, building on his record of working with successful PGA and LPGA tour players, including world number one players

Ian Triggs

Sean Lynch

Peak Performance Coach


Sean Lynch is a highly sought-after and respected coach and mentor in a number of sports, with speciality in golf. Sean has a pedigree in guiding the readiness of professional golfers to perform at their best, through his technique of "Measure, Understand and Control".

Triggs Lynch Golf 

Realise your potential and enjoy your golf through better play
and success

Triggs Lynch Golf is a collaboration between two highly experienced and successful golf coaches, Ian Triggs and Sean Lynch.  Ian and Sean have dedicated their careers to the development of successful, professional golfers, including golfers who have become PGA players, won majors, and have achieved world no.1 ranking.  As a Triggs Lynch Golf member, this expertise is now available to you.


"After decades of nurturing talent we know what it takes to succeed and make it to the top. Success comes from a player’s commitment and dedication to excellence, combined with the right coaching, support and mentoring. With our help and your commitment, you can take your game much further and realise your potential." – Ian Triggs and Sean Lynch.

Your pathway to improved success

Triggs Lynch Golf teaching provides a unique combination of technical, physical and mental guidance. Their programs set and reinforce the right techniques and tactics for successful play. Guided by Ian and Sean, our members learn to focus on the basics and simplify their approach to the game, providing a more enjoyable and reliable foundation for improved results.  


A key part of Triggs Lynch Golf member success is to train with purpose and a competitive mind-set to build readiness for tournament play. Triggs Lynch Golf members can access a combination of coaching resources including a future on-line coaching series, training programs, and golf training camps run by Ian and Sean.

Association with the Golf Athlete

Triggs Lynch Golf is also proud to be associated with Michael Dalgleish, a leading golf physiotherapist, who specialises in physical assessment and preparation. Michael also assists golfers with strength conditioning and recovery. 


Through Michael’s contribution, we package physical awareness and capability, with the technical and mental facets of the game to provide a comprehensive support base for our students and members.


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Triggs Lynch Golf is supported by RJ Golf, a high quality and unique golf apparel provider:

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“Ian Triggs has been a complete coach for me, with outstanding ability to communicate simply and clearly. He has taken promising players into the top level of the game, with his students and players excelling to become tournament winters.”

John Senden, 2 PGA Tour Wins, 1 PGA Australian Win, 2 Top 10 Finishes at Majors

"Sean Lynch is a phenomenal man. His passion for helping people improve their golf at all levels is second to none, he has always worked to get the best out of himself first and then bring that attitude to his students to help them achieve their goals.”

Greg Chalmers, Winner 10 Major Tour Events, 1 PGA Tour Win, over 73 Top 10 Finishes

Ian Triggs has coached me from a shy 16-year- old through to one of the best players in the world. He is a wonderful source of guidance, advice, and most of all, Ian knows what is required to become the best golfer you can be."

Rachel Hetherington, 8 LPGA Wins and British Open Runner-up

Sean Lynch has been a great friend of my family and mine for a long time. Sean has a unique way of helping me with my thinking; he talks to me in a way that makes me be honest with my responses, which in turn make me honest with myself.”

Jarrod Lyle, 2 Professional Wins, 5 Top 10 PGA Finishes


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